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"Automation, communication and Informatics" – a monthly scientific-theoretical and production technical journal of JSC "Russian Railways".

Published since 1923, it was called "Electrical engineering and communication on railway transport".

Over the past 90 years, the journal title has been changed several times: in 1926 – "Communication and electrical engineering", 1932, "Signalling and communication on railway transport", 1936 – "the Signalman", 1957 – "Automation, telemechanics and communication", 1998 – "Automation, communication and Informatics". Despite the frequent change of names, the purpose of the magazine was always the same – a reflection of the processes taking place in the farms of the signalling, communications and Informatization of railway transport.

Articles in the journal are scientists, planners, designers, builders, operators, heads of services and departments. Expertise the staff lines.

The theme of the magazine variety. This is a modern microprocessor devices of automation, Informatization of transport, telecommunication systems, new forms of communication. The magazine covers actively the creation of new technical means of improving the efficiency and quality of work of devices of automation and communication, implement advanced technologies, advanced methods of operation, ensuring the improvement of safety of movement of trains. Special attention is paid to the experience of the specialists and line workers-practitioners.

Credo magazine to be useful to readers. To do this, the editorial staff come out to the line, take an active part in scientific conferences, network and communication schools of excellence that gives you the opportunity to be closer to the readers, to know their life, to assist in solving problems.

Magazine columns:

- New technology

-Informatization of transport


-Information security

-Resource-saving technologies


-Lean manufacturing

-Offer inventors

-Exchange of experience

-Technical studies, etc.