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Editorial council

S. A. Alpatov, Deputy directorate of infrastructure on technical work;

D. V. Andronov, – the Deputy chief of service at the East-Siberian Directorate of infrastructure;

Vladimir Balakirev, – the chief of service at Southeast management infrastructure;

V. Y. Bubnov, Deputy General Director of the Central communications station – branch of RZD;

E. A. Goman, – chief engineer of "ELTEZA";

A. E. Gorbunov, head of the Directorate of communication, candidate of technical Sciences;

S. V. Esakov, chief engineer at West-Siberian DI;

S. Y. Lisin, the head of service of the Central communications station – branch of JSC "RZD";

V. N. Novikov, Deputy Director of pktb CSH;

A. I. Petrov, chief engineer of the Moscow information and computing center, main computer center – branch of RZD;

A. N. Puzikov, the head of the Saint-Petersburg computer center, main computer center – branch of RZD;

M. A. Sansyzbaev, – the chief of service at the Moscow Directorate of infrastructure;

Smagin S. B., – the Deputy chief of the Yaroslavl Directorate of infrastructure;

A. Y. Starov, – head of Directorate of communication;

V. I. Talalaev, Deputy General Director of "Radioavionika", candidate of technical Sciences;

A. Ushakova, the head of the Kaliningrad Department of the road;

S. V. Filippov, head of the Directorate of communication;

A. N. Shabelnikov, Director of the Rostov branch, NIIAS, doctor of technical Sciences;

D. V. Shalagen, – the Deputy chief of Department of pktb CSH, doctor of technical Sciences; author of over 250 publications, including more than 50 in the journal "Automation, communication and Informatics", which has been published since 1974.

He has developed theoretical foundations for the formation of microelectronic systems of train control in rail transport, safety of technological processes, including information security. Under his leadership, developed a set of devices "Dialogue" (system dispatcher centralization, DC, management of neighboring stations MS, relay-processor ROC and microprocessor based interlocking interlocking, automatic blocking MAB, etc.) that apply not only on the Railways of Russia, but in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Latvia.

For many years a member of dissertation councils:

– D.005.07 (by specialty 05.22.08 – Management of transportation processes and 05.13.01 – System analysis, management and information processing (transport);

– D.005.04 (by specialty 05.13.06 – automation and management of technological processes and production (transport) and 05.13.17 – Theoretical foundations of computer science). Is the expert Council on information security and cyber defence, Railways under the chairmanship of senior Vice President of JSC "Russian Railways" V. A. Gapanovich.

Member of the Subcommittee of the Interstate MPC "Railway automatics and telemechanics" International technical Committee on standardization in the field of transport. Included in the expert Council on "signaling and communication networks" of the Commission of the OSJD (organization for cooperation of Railways, which includes many countries) for infrastructure and rolling stock. He is the author of a number of normative documents of the organization, in particular:

General requirements for structure, drafting and registration of normative documents of OSJD on the devices of railway automatics and telemechanics, the rules for their development, adoption, application, renewal and cancellation;

Main operational and technical requirements for control devices and safety of movement of trains (signalling devices);

Operational and technical requirements for automated systems of dispatching management etc.

Party works and a member of the expert Council on the subject of ARGUS "the problem of availability and security of open networks when they are used in the systems of railway signalling" by the UIC (International Union of Railways).

With his active participation the methodology of resource management, risk and reliability analysis (STMS) that is actively introduced to the railway network. The author of several textbooks and monographs;

V. I. Shamanov, – professor of Moscow state railway University, doctor of technical Sciences, member of the Russian Academy of transport, the famous scientist in Russia and abroad in the field of reliability, electromagnetic compatibility and technical operation of systems of railway automatics and telemechanics. His name is included in the Bank of scientists in Germany.

Author of 10 scientific books, over 150 scientific articles, more than 30 patents for inventions. Regularly published in scientific journals indexed in Russian science citation index and Scopus databases. Several articles published in the magazine, published in USA.

For 20 years he was head created by the specialized departments in the Alma-ATA Institute of railway engineers of TRANS - port and the Irkutsk state University of means of communication. Now Professor of the Department "Automation, telemechanics and communication on railway transport", Moscow state University of railway engineering (MIIT).

The results of research and development activities performed under his guidance and participation, can be found on the Railways of Russia and CIS countries, as well as mining enterprises in Russia.